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Clean Wipe Wiper Motor

The Clean Wipe Wiper Drive is a true bolt-in replacement for your original equipment vacuum or electric windshield wiper motor. Each model of the Clean Wipe Wiper Drive is designed for the specific year and model of vehicle.


  • Wiper drives attach to the stock mounting brackets.
  • Designed for attachment to O.E.M. wiper transmission or cable drums.
  • Our kits are 12 volt. If your vehicle is 6 volt, you will need a power inverter from the options page.
  • Each kit comes complete with nylon bushings to replace the rubber grommets in the wiper transmission linkage arms. (when required)
  • Clears Stock Cowl Vent and Air Conditioning
  • View the wiring diagrams online for the wiper motor or optional delay switch.
  • Three Year Guarantee