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1960-66 Chevy/GMC Truck Wiper Motor (original motor points towards seat)

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New Port is proud to present a true bolt in replacement wiper motor for the super popular classic 1960-66 Chevy C-10 pickup trucks.  The original motor was good when it was new but why trust your safety and your investment with 50+ year old technology.  The New Port Wiper utilizes a heavy duty sealed electric motor tested to over 1 million cycles, oil-lite bronze bushed drive shaft housing, stainless steel output shaft, and heavy duty powder coated steel bracket construction.  For this kit we didn’t just build it, we over built it so it will be one of the strongest components of your truck.  The kit also includes an easy to wire wiring harness from the motor to the switch simply requiring a power and a ground circuit, foam gasket, and mounting hardware.  The base price includes our 2-speed kit.  But you can easily upgrade to either the 2-speed washer switch or the intermittent delay switch.  Make New Port your last wiper motor purchase for your 1960-66 Chevy C-10 and never be afraid to drive in the rain again.12 volt wiring is required.

****NOTE*****  This truck came with 2 different types of wiper motors.  The difference is how they mount.  You will see in the selection of photos a picture of a stock mounting bracket.  This style of mounting bracket has threaded holes and is bowl shaped.  It will match up to this style of motor and part number.  If you do not have this bracket in your truck then you have the flat mount wiper motor and need the NE6066CTF part number. See link below.

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Shipping Weight 7 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 11 × 9 × 9 in